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Glass wine cellars appeal to the most modern of wine collectors for many reasons. Their wall-to-wall glass enclosures create a stunning display and make the wine the center of attention. These glass cellars often include racking which creates the illusion that the wine is floating. This is achieved by using cable or wire racking, acrylic racking, or floor-to-ceiling metal wine racking. Glass wine cellars often include LED lights that illuminate the inside of the cellar without creating unwanted heat. Glass wine cellars can be incorporated into unused spaces, making for a stylish and smart wine storage solution. Today’s glass wine cellar does not have to be minimalistic in design or all glass. There are many different ways to incorporate glass into your wine cellar and adapt this trend to a number of different styles.



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Let us help you create the Andretti Designs of your dreams. Whether you want a way to display an extensive wine collection or simply need a solution to keep your wine stored safely…

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You can completely customize your wine room design, making it look like an “old world” wine cellar, or even matching it to the decor of your home. We can incorporate bulk storage, arches, mirrors, tables and tasting stations, as well as cabinets for glasses or other accessories. We have a wide variety of racking options and supplemental pieces that will provide just the look you have in mind, whatever that may be.

All wine room components are constructed by Heavenly Wine Room

Our line of Andretti Wine Rooms can be customized with a wide variety of racking, bulk storage, cabinets, displays, arches and mirrors. Please take a look at our wine room racking to get a better idea of the full line of options available.