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Frequently Asked Questions

Designating the proper location for your wine cellar is important. There are several considerations which need to be made in order to receive the best performance results from your unit: Weight Factor, Ambient Temperature, Proper Ventilation, Noise Factor, and Electrical.

What kind of wood is used to make the cabinets?

The standard exterior of our Reserve Series cabinets is white oak unless customized. The Economy and WC Series cabinets are made of Technical Veneer or luan mahogany unless customized. Alder cabinets are made of alder wood unless customized. The exterior of our Sonoma Series cabinets are made of Cherry Wood Veneer unless customized.

What is the insulation factor?

The “R” factor is approximately 11.6. The walls of Andretti Designs cabinets are 1.75” inches thick, filled with rigid board insulation, and a vapor barrier on each side to keep the cold air in and the hot air out. Adding additional insulation will increase the “R” factor.

What is the ideal temperature range for the aging of wine?

For both red and white wine, the ideal temperature range for long term storage and aging is 55°F – 58°F. Wine will age more rapidly at higher temperatures.

What kind of wine rack is included in my cabinet?

  • Reserve Series: Redwood and Aluminum racking
  • Sonoma Series: All Redwood racking
  • Economy Series: Wood and Aluminum racking