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Let us help you create the Andretti Designs of your dreams. Whether you want a way to display an extensive wine collection or simply need a solution to keep your wine stored safely…

We can design it!

Wine Room Example

You can completely customize your wine room design, making it look like an “old world” wine cellar, or even matching it to the decor of your home. We can incorporate bulk storage, arches, mirrors, tables and tasting stations, as well as cabinets for glasses or other accessories. We have a wide variety of racking options and supplemental pieces that will provide just the look you have in mind, whatever that may be.

All wine room components are constructed by Heavenly Wine Room

Our line of Andretti Wine Rooms can be customized with a wide variety of racking, bulk storage, cabinets, displays, arches and mirrors. Please take a look at our wine room racking to get a better idea of the full line of options available.

Shop online 24 hours a day! Our online store includes wine storage solutions such as wine cabinets, walk-in wine cabinets, wine lockers, wine rooms, wood wine racks, metal wine racks, and custom design, commercial and residential wine coolers and wine refrigerators. AndrettiDesigns.com also sells beverage coolers, wine and beverage dispensers, outdoor refrigerators, and ice makers. If you have a wine cellar, our Wine-Mate Cellar Cooling Systems come in a variety of designs such as self-contained, split, and ducted.

Our housewares category has everything you need for entertaining, serving, and gifts. We have a sophisticated selection of wine glasses and tumblers, cleaning accessories, cheese serving trays, wine corkscrews, wine preservers and stoppers, cigar humidors, candles, and more.

Wine Racks

Andretti Designs exquisite wine racks for private homes as well as for commercial venues such as wine stores and the hospitality industry. Whether your wine rack style is traditional, contemporary, modern, or eclectic, we have the selection for you.

Wine Dispenser

Once the cork has been popped, the wine should be drunk immediately. This can pose a problem if you are not ready to drink the entire bottle. An easy solution is to add a wine stopper or vacuum sealer to preserve the wine. While this may be a suitable option for cheap wine, expensive wine deserves a sophisticated yet easy-to-operate technology that preserves its unique taste.

Wine Cabinet

A wine cabinet is a furniture-style piece that is built with many of the same features like a wine cellar. It will keep your bottles at a steady temperature while maintaining proper humidity for the long-term storage of wine. It is insulated, includes racking, doors, lighting, and a cellar cooling system.